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Man Survives Being Crushed By 30,000-Pound Tractor
Reconstructive Animation Assists Attorney in Premises Liability Case

Attorney DahDah speaks in detail about her work on a premises liability/negligence matter where her client suffered a serious crush injury as a result of an incident involving a 30,000-pound tractor. Despite tampered evidence and the lack of a medical trail, Attorney DahDah was able to attain a $475,000 settlement for her client, granting him the financial relief needed to focus on healing.

“I think the Defense was pretty scared of [the animation], there was a comment by one of the Defense lawyers that the insurance carrier really, really was pushing to have that animation excluded.”       -Martha DahDah

Attorney DahDah is a member of the Million Dollar Advocates Forum and was also one of DK Global's Golden Advocates last year, taking home the Underdog Award.

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