Hand Crafted, Digitally Perfected

DK Global specializes in 3D animation solutions for attorneys who care about achieving the best outcomes possible for their clients. Since 1998, DK Global has led the courtroom visual industry, introducing the most innovative and accurate medical reconstructions, accident simulations, and visual aid methods.

We have tapped into a visual formula which has aided attorneys in obtaining multi-million dollar results on behalf of their clients with our compelling and cutting-edge presentations. Our mission is to help you communicate your client’s case in the most succinct, effective, and powerful way possible. Whether you’re looking for information, or are looking to strategize for your next case, we’re here and ready to help!

Work With Us
We value providing a positive experience for our clients with dedication and diligence for every project. Our team promotes the high standard of a positive internal environment and exceptional client interactions through communication, collaboration, and creative expression. We are always up for a challenge and welcome the opportunity to go above and beyond your expectations.

Our Team

Michael Caldwell
Founder & CEO
Melissa Caldwell, CPA
Chief Financial Officer
Nicole Dobberpuhl-Williams
Office Administrator
Chris Faix
IT Director
Aaron Saltzman
Chief Marketing Officer
Alex Deaconson
Senior Visual Consultant
Cameron Thies
Visual Consultant
Todd Stewart
Visual Consultant
Missi Smith
Senior Client Liaison
Charles Bogh
Marketing Specialist
Marty Vega
Senior Project Manager
Ashley Brown, PMP
Project Manager
Arielle Adame
Project Manager
Lexi Taylor
Project Manager Assistant
Danielle Burgess, CMI
Creative Director of Medical Illustration and Animation
Hugo Conchucos
Senior Generalist
Alain Manzo
Lead Generalist
Joaquin Barranco
Senior Visual Media Editor and Videographer
Sarah Heidegger
Junior Generalist
Andrew Lozano
Associate Generalist
Matt Acosta
Junior Generalist
Alton Bradley
Associate Generalist
Regev Gamliel
Associate Generalist
Jeremy Lopez
Associate Visual Media Editor
Gaby Suarez
Associate Visual Media Editor
Eva Maria Erdei
Medical Illustrator
Matty Lindeman
Data Entry
Elli Lindeman
Data Entry
Rachael Harry
Data Entry
Aria Opean
Data Entry
Joaquin Malta
Sales Support