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Who We Are
We are dedicated to offering a positive experience to our clients through upkeeping the integrity of our work and respecting the cases we work on. Our team continually promotes an internal positive environment and successful client interactions through communication, collaboration, and creative expression. We are always up for a challenge and willing to go above and beyond for you.
Michael CaldwellFounder & CEO
Melissa Caldwell, CPAChief Financial Officer
Shanna FranklinExecutive Assistant
Alex DeaconsonSenior Visual Consultant
Cameron ThiesVisual Consultant
Missi SmithSenior Client Liaison
Ian NicolasClient & Marketing Liaison
Marty VegaSenior Project Manager
Jesse CosandProject Manager
Kendall ArtmanProject Manager
Chris FaixIT Director
Josie DejeuArt Director
Paul NunezMarketing Coordinator
Hugo ConchucosLead 3D Generalist
Tommy Nakorn3D Generalist
Joaquin BarrancoVisual Effects Artist/Videographer
Hope KretzCompositor
Hagen GilbertAnimator
James AndersonAssociate Animator
Daniel Gray3D Generalist
Alain Manzo3D Generalist
Matty LindemanData Entry
Elli LindemanData Entry
Makaela HenryData Entry
Taylor CaldwellMarketing Assistant
Your Vision, Our Mission
Our goal is to fully integrate our visual expertise with your case theory by vividly recreating your client’s experience in a way that aids your jury or mediator in understanding and connecting with their ordeal.
Our Approach
We begin our process by gathering the necessary details of your case in order to develop a proposal and discuss strategy. Next, we fact assess with the experts to ensure our storyboards, markups, and scripts are correct before the production of the visual presentation initiates. We then create drafts that can be comprised of any number of visual elements, allowing you to provide feedback while we make quick changes to ensure your final presentation fulfills your ideal vision.

Our team understands that attorneys are always busy, and we work hard to exceed your expectations. Whether you need a visual in a week or in 4 months, our team ensures that your demonstrative is ready when you need it.
Our team offers full 3D and 2D forensic animations, illustrations, and graphics. Along with our Day-in-the-Life documentaries, we have become a one-stop shop for all your visual litigation or mediation needs. Utilizing impressive animations and illustrations is no longer just for the modern litigator, but any attorney aiming to lead an effective courtroom presentation to a group full of tech-savvy individuals.

Our services continue even after we deliver your project. We make it part of our process to follow up regarding your case. In the event that it has settled or reached a verdict, we like to celebrate with our clients by promoting them and their work on their case.
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