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3D Animated Litigation Visuals for Attorneys

DK Global creates 3D animated visual aids that trial attorneys can use in demand packages, mediations, arbitrations, and trials. We turn complex webs of evidence and expert testimonies into persuasive, understandable presentations that get results. Since 1998, DK Global has been at the forefront of courtroom visuals, helping lawyers establish negligence and liability, demonstrate causation, and articulate damages.

Far too often, the complexity of medical issues and the details of a case can be difficult to convey. Our creative and accurate approach to medical and reconstruction animations helps to communicate the facts in any given case. We bring the experience and talent necessary to quickly synthesize the details of your case, while creating compelling demonstrations.


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Panish | Shea | Ravipudi LLP
Shafeeq Sadiq
Steve Vartazarian | Luis & Michael Carrillo
Dale K. Galipo
Paoli & Purdy, PC
R. Rex Parris
Nicholas Rowley
Alexander Wheeler

"DK is always there for me bringing their creativity and experience into the courtroom and taking complex PhD-level-issues that would lose most people and making them something everybody in the courtroom can understand."
Nicholas Rowley
Trial Lawyers for Justice
"What is nice about working with DK Global is that they are willing to go above and beyond the normal call of duty to be available literally 24/7, because we work 24/7. Their commitment to helping us knows no bounds and their commitment to getting it right, I think it’s something that is very rare in our industry and when you find it, you really want them as part of your trial team."
Deborah S. Chang
Athea Law Group
"DK Global made the process of putting together an animation easy and efficient. The results of DK Global’s work helped achieve a multi-million dollar confidential settlement.." "for a condominium project in Los Angles by bringing to life the extensive water intrusion throughout the building and underground parking garage."
Daniel Rottinghaus
Berding | Weil
"The animations that DK Global gives us are literally worth thousands and thousands of dollars to our clients."
Sean Breen
Howry Breen & Herman LLP
"We used the settlement video that was created by DK Global as part of our damages presentation, and I think that was instrumental for us in proving our case."
Spencer Lucas
Panish | Shea | Ravipudi LLP
"DK Global has been astronomical and a huge asset in delivering that type of dynamic during my trials...There’s no way in the world the jury would have awarded over 100-million dollars hadn’t it been for these animations"
Steven Vartazarian
The Vartazarian Law Firm
"The visuals that DK Global create, are incredibly helpful in presenting the cases that we do."
Court Purdy
Paoli & Purdy, PC