Failure to Yield Case Results in $3.5 Million Settlement

Animation Plays a Key Role in Demonstrating Liability

It was 5:30 AM when Ted Wacker and Michelle Hemesath’s client was involved in a motor vehicle collision when he began his commute to work in Pasadena, California. Their client was struck on his motor scooter when the Defendant failed to yield the right-of-way as he attempted to turn left at an intersection. The Plaintiff sustained a considerable amount of injuries including lacerations to the spleen, rib fractures that created respiratory issues, and numerous spinal contusions. The TBW Law team partnered with DK Global to take their one-dimensional records and evidence and recreate them into 3D forensic reconstruction animations so that a jury can visualize the damages.

Surgical Presentations Create a Clearer Picture

The presentation began with a rendering of the Plaintiff and their injuries highlighted as the camera pans from head to toe. Injuries such as a flail chest, which affects respiration, or the Plaintiff’s splenic laceration would be difficult to visualize without an accompanying animation. DK Global also provided animations that depicted the invasive surgical procedures that the Plaintiff endured in order to recover from his injuries, including their splenic artery catheterization and embolization. The spleen’s function and corrective procedure may be confusing for a jury, but with the compelling visuals, Michelle and Ted were able to communicate to the jury and Defense that the Plaintiff’s injuries needed fair and just reparations.

With DK Global’s visuals, Ted Wacker and Michelle Hemesath of TBW Law were able to reach a $3.5 million settlement before trial. TBW Law specializes in personal injury cases representing plaintiffs that have been injured due to the negligence of others including auto accidents, premises liability, and general personal injury. For the last two decades, Ted Wacker and his firm have dedicated themselves to providing legal services for Orange County and Southern California.

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"They didn’t even want to pay the underlaying policy of a million. Then we brought the visual aids in they see what’s going on and all of a sudden, their offer goes to 2 million, 3 million, and finally we settled the case just shy of 3.5 Million."

Ted B. Wacker - Law Offices of Ted B. Wacker

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