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$925K Settlement After Shifting Focus from Soft Tissue Injuries to TBI

When a careless driver failed to check his surroundings before merging into a lane, he collided with a 70-year-old woman. The woman retained an attorney who previously represented her in another auto collision case three years earlier, even though he attained an underwhelming resolution due to a lackluster approach. Once again, the attorney focused on his client’s soft-tissue damages, leaving the woman’s most devastating trauma unnoticed: her traumatic brain injury. Pius Joseph of the Law Offices of Pius Joseph took over the case and shifted his attention to her cognitive impairments, attaining a $925K settlement during mediation.

The second collision aggravated the woman’s pre-existing condition. She suffered from headaches, sensitivity to light, dissonance, loss of balance, and more. Despite her apparent brain injury symptoms, her initial lawyer employed the same ineffective strategy of focusing on soft tissue damage. After the attorney neglected to schedule a neurological assessment and the Defense underappreciated her damages again, the woman sought better representation to get the justice she deserved.

She contacted Pius Joseph three months later to help attain compensatory damages from the Defendant’s insurance carrier. After meeting with the woman, Pius scheduled a neurologist to evaluate her symptoms. Ultimately, Pius anticipated the Defense would claim her injuries stemmed from age-appropriate degeneration. However, medical evaluations and imagery revealed hemosiderin deposits — indicating a traumatic event caused bleeding in her brain — as well as evidence of axonal shearing in the woman’s brain.

When the Defense organized the woman to be examined by their retained neuropsychologist, the expert stated she suffered no impairments. Pius attended the first mediation, where the opposing counsel offered to settle the case for a mere $10,000. Knowing his case's value, Pius welcomed the opportunity to take the case to trial, stating he would contend the integrity of the Defense’s examination. To prepare, Pius enlisted DK Global’s help to enhance his client’s medical imagery so triers of fact could better visualize the location and severity of her injuries.

The presentation began with a molecular look inside the woman’s brain, explaining the mechanism of a diffuse axonal injury. The collision’s rotational forces caused her nerve cells to stretch and shear, damaging the axons and hindering their synaptic transmission. Then, the woman’s enhanced MRIs showing the location of her brain damage were labeled and overlaid onto a 3D model of her likeness. Finally, her cognitive deficits were listed, including anxiety, depression, double vision, headaches, and more.

One month before trial, the Defense looked to mediate the case. After sharing the DK Global animation, Pius attained a $925,000 settlement, allowing his client to retire and rehabilitate from her injuries comfortably.

Pius Joseph is a seasoned attorney based in Pasadena, California, with over 25 years of experience. A member of the Million Dollar Advocates Forum, Pius received multiple million-dollar verdicts representing clients involved in personal injury and product liability cases. Pius prides himself on championing his clients’ cases, stating, “A doctor is someone who cures the patient, and a lawyer is the one who finds solutions for the human problems, making their suffering less.”

"The work done by DK Global has been of immense value for me to persuade the defense to pay what they needed to pay in this case."
Pius Joseph – Law Offices of Pius Joseph
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