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Negligent Driver Strikes Motorcyclist Killing Him on Impact
Visuals Aid in Obtaining $10 Million Settlement Decedent's Family

Attorney C. Bradley Hallen of Law Offices of Bradley C. Hallen joined forces on a motorcycle fatality case with attorney John B. Little of Callahan, Little & Sullivan. DK Global was contacted to create a visual that pieced together the various perspectives of the incident to cement the admitted liability case against the negligent driver and his employer. The presentation created by our team pieced together the original 911 call with eyewitness accounts and with reconstructive models of the incident that tells the story of what occurred.

The animation depicts the blatant negligence and total disregard for human life as the truck approaches the stop sign. In attempts to illustrate the full picture, the camera angle switched between the witness, the driver, and the descendant. The crucial viewpoint of the decedent forcefully braking his motorcycle and turning slightly to the right, placed the viewer in the Plaintiff’s position right before impact. In conjunction with the animation, real on-scene photos helped connect the viewer to the needless passing of the Plaintiff.

Using the animation as a tool of leverage, attorney Hallen was able to reach a $10 million settlement which was split between the family members left behind. Attorney Hallen has been helping California families for decades obtain justice for their personal injury cases. With their stories in mind, he is committed to advocating for those who need it the most.

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