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$2M Settlement for Motorcyclist with Shattered Pelvis, Wrist, and Knee by Using Damages Overview

In a rural community north of Amarillo, Texas, a commercial pickup truck driver turned left onto a road without checking his surroundings. The driver cut off a 53-year-old motorcyclist, causing him to hit the truck at 40 miles per hour. The man was ejected onto the rough pavement, causing him to lose consciousness. Road rash covered the motorcyclist’s body.

Paramedics rushed the man to a hospital with complaints of pain in his chest, arms, legs, and hips. Radiologists discovered a collapsed lung, a multitude of fractures, and a large pelvic hematoma. The crash pulled his hips apart entirely, separating his pubic symphysis. He was transferred to another medical center for better care and underwent several surgeries to repair his shattered bones. As he recovered, doctors explained that his pelvis and knee would “always hurt,” his dominant arm and hand were “done,” and that he would never be able to work again.

As he recovered, the man reached out to Attorney Dean Boyd, a former insurance adjuster in the Texas Panhandle with more than three decades of experience. Dean obtained thousands of medical records and discovered the Defendant was covered under a robust commercial insurance policy. Dean organized his information and filed a demand package brimming with x-rays and photos of his client riddled with staples and stitches. However, the Defense ducked responsibility for the crash and was uncooperative.

Dean realized the insurance adjuster did not even review his demand, despite including all the evidence he had available in the demand package. He knew he needed to impress the value of his case on the Defense and show he was ready for trial. He had to present the full picture and compel the opposition to recognize the complexity and severity of his client’s injuries. He contacted DK Global to create an animation depicting his client’s damages, the intrusive surgeries, and the sheer quantity of metal placed inside his body.

The animation began with a 3D model of the man’s likeness covered in abrasions and lacerations. A view of the Plaintiff’s skeletal showed his wrist, knee, and rib fractures before illustrating his painful pelvic injuries. Then, the animation demonstrated the invasive surgeries to heal his wounds. Simultaneously, the man’s x-rays were displayed, verifying the massive number of foreign objects in his body: an external fixator drilled into his pelvis to stabilize his hips; metal plates and screws secured his pubic bones together while a five-inch bolt pierced through his sacroiliac joints; another plate spanning his entire right forearm fixed his dislocated wrist; and finally, steel wires and clamps were cut and bent to hold his fragmented knee together.

Dean’s mediation was scheduled in a venue infamously known as one of the toughest jurisdictions to get a significant Plaintiffs’ resolution. Dean played the animation for the insurance adjuster and the mediator. They were shocked. After watching the video, the mediator shared, “this guy has more metal in him than anybody I’ve seen in my career.” Dean and the Defense agreed to settle the case for $2M.

For over 32 years, Dean Boyd has committed himself to represent those involved in personal injury matters. As a former insurance adjuster, Dean uses his vast experience handling claims for those devastated in motor vehicle accidents, attaining an $8.9M verdict in 2016. Dean is a Fellowship Member of the Texas Trial Lawyers’ Association and prides himself on uplifting local civic organizations in the Texas Panhandle community.

"At that moment, I know that my animation has won the mediator over to my way of thinking. I didn't have to convince him, the DK Global animation convinced him."
Dean Boyd – Attorney Dean Boyd PLLC
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