360-Degree Pivot in TBI Case Results in Favorable Outcome

Attorney Utilizes Visuals to Depict Traumatic Brain Injury

Jane Doe was left with a mild traumatic brain injury after her first car accident. 2 years later and now almost 70 years old, she experiences another car accident that aggravates her condition, leaving her to recover from yet another traumatic experience and worsened symptoms. Her initial experience with her previous personal injury attorney was unimpressive, as they referred her to a chiropractor that only examined soft-tissue injuries to her back, leaving her with a small settlement when the case resolved.

Pius Joseph of The Law Offices of Pius Joseph took on the case about 3 months after the 2nd incident occurred and immediately began approaching the case with more effective strategies. Pius shifted perspectives from focusing on damages typically found by a chiropractor, to an approach that needed clear and effective visuals that communicate the severity of an aggravated traumatic brain injury. Pius collaborated with DK Global to depict the injuries sustained by his client utilizing colorized imagery and an animation communicating the shearing of axons within his client’s brain.

Pius utilized visuals that effectively portrayed the damage to his client’s brain by reinforcing the MRI imagery taken combined with the deficits from the injuries, nullifying any malingering defense argument. The animation begins with the brain’s axons and neurons portrayed at the molecular level. The axons begin to shear from the head injury causing Pius’ client to suffer from many symptoms including anxiety, memory loss, depression, blurry vision, and a decrease in mental performance. Pius and his client go into mediation armed with irrefutable evidence and resolve with a favorable settlement of almost $1 million just 30 days before trial. This favorable settlement sets the way for Jane to become self-sustainable despite her injuries, allowing her to retire and pursue life comfortably.

Pius Joseph is a seasoned personal injury attorney based in the City of Roses, Pasadena, with over 25 years of experience. Pius has received multiple million-dollar verdicts representing clients involved in personal injury and product liability cases. Pius prides himself on being a strong advocate for his clients stating “A doctor is someone who cures the patient, and a lawyer is the one who finds solutions for the human problems, making their suffering less.”

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"The work done by DK Global has been of immense value for me to persuade the defense to pay what they needed to pay in this case."

Pius Joseph - Law Offices of Pius Joseph

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