$4 Million Settlement Secured for Partially Paralyzed Teen
Summer Camp Attendant’s Negligence Results in 40 Foot Fall and Severe Injuries for Teen

New York attorney and Partner at Dreyer Boyajian LLP, Donald W. Boyajian, reached a settlement of over $4 million after a teen was left partially paralyzed after a 40 foot fall. The Plaintiff in the matter was at the top of a rappelling wall under supervision when the attendant hooked his harness in the wrong slot, leaving him unsupported. Liability was highly contested; the company would not admit liability, but it was clear that something went wrong for the Plaintiff to have been so severely injured. 

Attorney Boyajian reached out to DK Global to produce an animation that detailed the fall, particularly focusing on the difference in between how the equipment should have been set up and how it was actually arranged. Utilizing the expert report, deposition transcripts, and witness reports, the team at DK Global created a reconstruction of the scene and incident. The animation was able to give legitimacy to Attorney Boyajian's argument and served as a compelling piece of evidence. With the animation in hand, Attorney Boyajian was able to reach a settlement of over $4 million.

“In today’s environment, there is no better way to persuade a jury, arbitrator or even your opponent , than with an effective visual. DK Global’s animation  allowed us to convincingly demonstrate visually what led up to this fall and to tell  the story with  concise and clear graphics based upon actual data which proved very difficult for our opponents to rebut…No question that DK Global’s work was instrumental in achieving an outstanding result for our client.” - Attorney Boyajian

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When Don called me on this case and explained what they believed happened, I knew an animation would slam the door on any doubt of how this boy was injured. Working closely with Don and the experts, we created an animation that walks the viewer through how the negligence of the caretaker almost cost a boy his life.
Alex Deaconson, Senior Visual Consultant |
President & CEO
Sales & Production Liaison
Senior Visual Consultant
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