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Presenting Complex Construction Information Easier with Visual Demonstratives

Litigating construction cases involves organizing mountains of complex records, data, and evidence into a comprehensible presentation. However, after discovering all the relevant information to formulate a case’s argument and theme, strategizing how to demonstrate causation and quantify damages can be a long and laborious process.

While the spoken word is fundamental to articulate a case, approximately 65% of the population are visual learners, according to the National Institute of Health and the Library of Medicine. In other words, mediators, jurors, and the opposition retain knowledge better and longer when it’s paired with dynamic media like videos or animation.

Today, attorneys practicing construction law (along with many other specializations) are leveraging animated visual demonstratives to ensure their case is understandable, memorable, and persuasive. To that end, high-quality demonstratives supplement a case’s value and can hasten the time to a resolution.

In one instanceDaniel Rottinghaus and Howard Silldorf of Berding|Weil, one of California’s most prominent construction defect law firms, obtained a favorable settlement for a homeowner's association using a DK Global animation. For months, the homeowners dealt with water intrusion and other safety concerns that compromised their units’ structural integrity. DK Global’s team joined the duo to conduct a scene inspection, gathering a list of violations and evidence that showed management had breached duties to provide a habitable residence. The presentation outlined all the inadequacies with a 3D model of the property, allowing the mediator and opposition to visualize the location of the defects and persuade them to make the necessary changes and restitution.

In another case, attorneys Joseph PowerSean M. Houlihan, and James Power of Power Rogers, LLP attained an $8.1 million settlement for the surviving family of a worker who died in a construction accident. The worker was renovating a building’s exterior when the improperly-secured wall collapsed onto him. The team had evidence showing the Defendant constructed the building without fastening the brick and cinderblock layers according to safety standards. Additionally, they revealed that a professional engineer never conducted a mandated inspection of the building. DK Global used their evidence to create a 3D model of the structure, giving viewers a lateral view of the wall’s interior and how it was dangerously erected.

DK Global’s team of Visual Consultants, Project Managers, and 3D Artists have extensive experience presenting complex construction claims and topics in trials, mediations, and demand packages. Discover how DK Global can maximize your case value and attain results faster with a complimentary, personalized consultation. 


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