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Assault Victim Receives Favorable Settlement by Leveraging Enhanced Video & Animation

Under California law, property owners and their security guards have a legal obligation to provide a safe environment for their patrons and protect them from dangerous conditions, including assault and battery. Nevertheless, when an attacker brutalized a man in a shopping center over a misunderstanding, the landlord and his security guard stood by and did nothing. As a result, the victim suffered a fractured skull and a traumatic brain injury. Adding insult to injury, landlord and security guard offered no help after the attack and threw the wounded man off the property. Granth Crhoelman of California Injury, PLC attained a confidential settlement for the man by augmenting the surveillance video with an animation, showing the man’s damages resulting from the Defendant’s indifference.

The assailant was twice the size and weight of the Plaintiff. A recording captured him grabbing the man from the stairs, throwing him to the ground, and stomping on his head repeatedly as the guard watched. After the attack, the Plaintiff stood up in a daze and experienced fatigue and blurred vision – telltale signs of brain damage. The Plaintiff’s sister took him to a nearby hospital where he underwent surgery. He had metal plates fastened to his jaw to repair the fractures.

As he recovered from surgery, his sister searched for an attorney and found Granth Crhoelman. Granth met with them at the hospital and encouraged the man to continue with his medical appointments to document the severity of his injuries. Before filing suit, Granth arranged the Plaintiff’s transportation to and from his examinations, going an extra mile to get the care the man needed. Neurology specialists found the man indeed suffered a traumatic brain injury, resulting in diminished cognitive abilities, depression, and impaired memory.

Granth filed a lawsuit against the business owner, arguing his client’s brain damage was caused by their lack of action, a breach of duty to provide a safe environment for patrons. Then, clandestinely, a third-party witness came forward with a critical piece of evidence: a recording of the surveillance footage that showed that the Defendants let the attack continue. Unfortunately, the video was grainy and failed to illustrate the severity of the Plaintiff's damages. To effectively compel the mediator and the Defense to compensate his client, Granth contacted DK Global to enhance his evidence with an animation.

The surveillance footage showed the Plaintiff apologizing to the attacker for dropping an object on his Mercedes Benz. Then, the aggressor threw the Plaintiff from the stairs onto the concrete, stomping on his head relentlessly for nearly a minute. After the attacker finished, the security guard finally stepped in, but the damage was done. Then, the presentation transitioned to a 3D model of the Plaintiff's skull as he laid on the floor, showing metal plates being secured to his broken jaw. Finally, the presentation outlined the Plaintiff’s traumatic brain injury and the resulting cognitive deficits.

Granth shared the video with the opposing counsel during mediation, illustrating the Defendant’s negligence in stopping the attack. He obtained a favorable and confidential settlement to alleviate his client’s future medical care and compensate him for the incident.

Granth Crhoelman is the Managing Attorney at California Injury, PLC. He specializes in personal injury cases, premises liability, and vehicle accidents. From the interview to financial recovery, Granth is focused on his clients as he guides them through the legal process. Granth began his career as a tax attorney and now represents survivors of catastrophic injuries with a proven track record of success.

"We were surprised at how much medical knowledge DK Global had. With the videos and photographs we provided, they were able to provide an enhanced video of the incident along with an excellent animation of his injuries and medical procedures."
Granth Crhoelman – California Injury, PLC
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