Atlanta Driver Seriously Injured in Vehicle Collision
Victim Undergoes Posterior Pelvic Stabilization

Atlanta-based attorneys Evan Howell and Michael Johnson of Howell & Johnson, utilized their expertise in insurance law to successfully obtain a settlement of $900,000 for their injured client. After taking on an auto wreck case, Howell contacted DK Global to create a medical animation that would appropriately convey the invasive surgeries his client underwent to repair injuries sustained in the collision.  

The animation produced includes custom 3D graphics that provide a presentation true to operative reports among other medical documents, deposition transcripts and direction from certified medical illustrators and experts. The presentation walks you through a right posterior pelvic stabilization from the initial incision to the closing sutures, with particular attention to the hardware installation. Guide pins are used to drill a hole in the sacroiliac joint, which is then injected with bone graft material, and then two implant screws are installed before the patient’s wound is closed. Text labeling breaks down what could be a daunting surgery for a jury to fully comprehend into easy-to-understand steps. Equipped with this efficient animation, Howell and Johnson secured justice for their client in the amount of $900,000.


"We used the animation at mediation to explain the surgical procedure to the defense because it’s not a very common wreck related surgical procedure. DK was great to work with and captured our vision of the injury and the surgery. Overall, it was a great experience.” –Evan Howell, Esq.

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Hardware details are extremely important with complex surgical procedures. Animations are especially advantageous in these types of cases because they allow a jury to appreciate unfamiliar medical jargon and devices.
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