Beer Bottle Causes Serious Foot Laceration to Young Man
Attorney Seeks Justice for Plaintiff Who Underwent Multiple Surgeries Due to Negligence

After suffering a deep laceration to his ankle while at work, a young man had to undergo eleven lengthy and invasive surgeries to correct the injuries sustained. After being inundated with costly medical bills for his procedures, the Plaintiff sought representation to hold the responsible party liable for the unforeseen expenses.

DK Global was asked to create an animation and series of stills depicting the injury and operations performed. A 3D character model with the Plaintiff’s likeness was created. As skin and muscle disappeared to depict the skeletal structure beneath, the camera zoomed into the Plaintiff’s ankle. Upon detailing the anatomy of a healthy ankle, the 6cm long and one-inch deep wound was shown in contrast. The illustration detailed how the painful injury penetrated through the epidermis, dermis, and subcutaneous fat, causing the Plaintiff to suffer great pain and a lengthy rehabilitation process.

To effectively communicate the extent of the eleven surgeries performed, a timeline style animation was created to successfully connect the jury to the invasive nature of the surgeries. Slides were used to offer detailed information about the procedures performed, including the repair of tendons, irrigation and debridement of the wound, and skin grafting. The gruesome operative reports were translated into an easily understood visual presentation that allowed the viewer to comprehend the otherwise complex anatomical structures and terms.

The dynamic visuals and moving presentation provided the representing attorney with the support needed to secure a substantial figure on behalf of the deserving client. Allowing him to take the time needed to heal without worrying about the expenses associated with his prolonged recovery.

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