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HOA Attains Settlement After Animation Highlights Multi-Level Water Damage

Residents of a Southern California condominium complex were plagued for months by moldy walls, rusted windowsills, and water intrusion, putting the building's structural integrity in jeopardy. The management's decision to cut corners and opt for substandard construction left many units uninhabitable. Further investigation revealed that the planters outside accumulated water, which rotted the building's insulation, damaged the exterior, and left stains on the garage walls two floors below.

The homeowners’ association enlisted the expertise of Daniel Rottinghaus and Howard J. Silldorf from Berding|Weil to analyze the building's blueprints and pinpoint the root of the plumbing issues. Daniel and Howard’s ultimate goal was to obtain sufficient financial compensation to cover necessary repairs while exposing the deplorable living conditions that the homeowners had to endure. The challenge they faced, though, was effectively communicating their client’s case. Consequently, they hired DK Global to perform an onsite inspection. Using the collected data, Daniel and Howard had DK Global transform the building's blueprints into a 3D architectural animation that highlighted the building’s defects.

The animation started with a 3D rendering of the building emerging from two-dimensional floorplans. The building violations throughout the complex were emphasized. Inspection footage revealed dirty water accumulating in planters next to the walls of nearby units. The video then exposed how water seeped under windowsills and entryways, causing hazardous damage that detached door hinges from their frames. Then, images of the parking garage's stained walls, and damp, cracking utility rooms filled with rust from the dripping water above, were displayed to emphasize the extent of the water damage.

With all the building’s defects revealed, Daniel and Howard secured a highly confidential settlement for the association, allowing them to address the damages and restore the building.

Daniel Rottinghaus of Berding|Weilhas been named a "Super Lawyer" for over ten years, representing commercial and residential real estate clients in construction defect cases. In addition, Daniel has served as a Special Task Force legal advisor for the U.S. State Department and as Lead Attorney for U.S. Army cases involving multi-billion-dollar Iranian claims, earning him the Department of State "Superior Honor Award" in 1993.

Howard J. Silldorf of Berding|Weilhas represented clients across Southern California for nearly three decades, recovering over $200 million in more than 100 cases. Howard has received the Martindale-Hubbell Peer Review Rating of "AV Preeminent" for his work in construction defect cases, an esteemed recognition awarded to attorneys demonstrating the highest level of professional excellence.


"Working with DK Global is so helpful because they have the type of experts on staff that can help contribute. They can help tell us what might be meaningful through the course of the case."
Jill Jackson - Berding|Weil


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