Distracted Truck Driver Veers into Oncoming Traffic Favorable Confidential Settlement Reached

Reconstruction Animation Presentation Proves Vital In Establishing Liability

Attorney David J. Selingo, of Selingo Guagliardo, LLC, recently resolved a case for a client whose small car was struck head-on by a truck driver who veered into oncoming traffic. The truck driver was distracted and looking at his phone when he lost control of his truck and violently collided into the front of the car driven by Selingo’s client. The disastrous incident had left Seligno's client with a significant list of injuries and the costs of the painful corrective surgeries.


"What-If" Animations Depict Negligence in Motor Vehicle Collision

Due to the complicated nature of the incident and resulting injuries, attorney Selingo commissioned DK Global to create animations that would help clarify the events. The presentation that Selingo used to great effect was a multifaceted combination of satellite street views, 3D modeling, custom animation, and detailed labeling. This style of presentation helped to orientate the viewer to the scene of the incident and show the damages caused by the violent collision from multiple perspectives, including from inside the distracted driver's vehicle.

This also offered attorney Selingo the option of showing "what-if" scenarios to establish how the incident could have been avoided if the negligent driver had safely pulled over on the rural road or if he had been aware of the road conditions. David was able to secure a favorable confidential settlement for his client.  


Attorney David J. Selingo is the managing member of Selingo Guagliardo, LLC, in Pennsylvania. He founded the practice in 2001 after working as a defense lawyer for over a decade. It is with that focused insight from both sides that he continues to build and grow his firm and have solid success for his clients.

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