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An Invasive Spinal Surgery Demands Visual Support
Visuals Ensure That Juries Can Process Information

For an attorney to properly argue his position to a jury, he must ensure that they are appropriately processing the information he is presenting. Using visual aids in the courtroom can be vital to bolstering an attorney’s argument in a manner that encourages a jury to reach a favorable judgment on behalf of a deserving Plaintiff.

The plaintiff portrayed in the animation underwent an invasive spinal surgery that left him with a lengthy recovery process. Effectively communicating the procedures involved in completing complex surgeries to a jury can be a challenge. The representing attorney knew that if he was to obtain adequate compensation for his client, he would have to propose his argument with the aid of visual media.

The creative team at DK Global is well versed in animating spinal surgeries and leaped at the opportunity to advocate for justice on behalf of the deserving Plaintiff, by offering visual support to the attorney.

The animators paid careful attention to detail while animating the incision made at the C5-C6 and C6-C7 levels, the division of the platysma muscle, and the removal of disc material. They also accurately depicted the carnal nature of the decortication of the endplates, application of allografts, and the affixion of a metal plate with six screws.

By seeing the processes performed on the Plaintiff, the jury could properly understand the aggressive nature of the surgery performed and comprehend how a lengthy and painful recovery followed. With these animations in hand, the representing attorney could secure a substantial settlement on behalf of his client.


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