Man Sustains Severe TBI After Collision with Semi-Truck
$12.65 Million Dollar Settlement

After suffering substantial injuries, a Plaintiff sought the representation of highly-esteemed attorney Ted Wacker, of the Southern California firm TBW Law, to pursue fair compensation for his unforeseen trauma.

The Plaintiff was driving on the I-605 near Los Angeles when he lost control of his vehicle and stalled on the highway. One vehicle pulled over to assist him while multiple other vehicles, including a semi-truck, safely maneuvered around the Plaintiff. However, the Defendant in the matter struck the Plaintiff's vehicle at a high rate of speed, causing multiple injuries and a life-altering Traumatic Brain Injury (TBI).

The reconstruction of the collision begins with the 3D vehicle stalled and immobilized on the highway. To effectively portray the damage done to the Plaintiff’s vehicle, crush morphs and special effects were employed to create lifelike mutilation to the metal of the car.  Likewise, the scene was analyzed, measured and broken down by an expert in an effort to accurately depict the Defendant’s field of vision at the time of the collision. Allowing for an appropriate illustration of what the Defendant should have seen had he remained alert while operating his vehicle.

The next phase of the animation portrayed the damages sustained by the Plaintiff. DK Global filmed a Day in The Life documentary video that gave the jury a glimpse into the challenges the Plaintiff faces on a daily bases due to the negligence of the Defendant. The video included footage of his struggle to complete simple daily tasks, like brushing his teeth and showering. The Plaintiff’s family was also interviewed, and described how radically their lives have changed since the incident and the amount of pain and suffering they’ve faced.

For the medical portion of the presentation, a slice view of the brain was employed to provide the best view of the severe traumatic brain injury. The Plaintiff's multiple hematomas were highlighted using colorized imagery and text labeling to ensure a full understanding of the damages sustained. This presentation assisted Attorney Wacker in litigation, enabling him to settle the case for a substantial $12.65 million.

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