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Woman Rear-Ended On Freeway Undergoes Invasive Back Surgery
Multiple Attorneys Turn Plaintiff Down, Attorney Ted Wacker Secures Settlement

Golden Advocate attorney Ted Wacker was contacted by his client Jann Nichols, who came to him in a desperate manner, 30 days before her trial. She was urgently looking for representation after 20 other attorneys had rejected her case due to difficulties in proving her injuries. Jann had been rear-ended on the freeway leading her to need invasive back surgery. The challenge came with explaining the difference between the need for the surgery in correlation with the collision and her ongoing history of back pain. Considering the complications of the case, attorney Wacker contacted DK Global to create medical animations which highlighted the significant differences between the proposed surgery and the previous surgery performed on his client. With animation in hand, attorney Ted Wacker was able to recoup a $495,000 settlement for his client.

The Law Offices of Ted Wacker is located in Newport Beach, California and has an impressive record of winning multi-million-dollar verdicts and settlements for their clients. Through perseverance and persistence, attorney Ted Wacker has earned a reputable name for himself in the Orange County legal community and nationwide.

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