Rear-End Collision Causes Seatback Failure
Bus Driver Suffers Traumatic Brain Injury

When a bus driver sustained a significant brain injury due to seat failure in his vehicle, plaintiff counsel reached out to DK Global to show the rear-end collision as well as the product failure. The DK team created an animation to show how the bus driver was traveling down a city street and began to slow as he approached a red light. The driver traveling behind him failed to take notice of the traffic signal and slammed into the back of the bus. The force of impact from the big-rig truck transferred from the backend of the bus to the driver’s seat, which partially failed. The seatback failure caused the driver’s body to quickly snap backwards, propelling his head into a steel handrail located behind the seatback. The driver’s head and seatback hit with such force that the railing broke and left the driver unconscious with a concussion and traumatic brain injury.

DK Global worked with plaintiff counsel and biomechanical experts to accurately portray the transfer of force from the big-rig to the bus, and in turn to the seat and the driver’s body. The combination of a detailed scene, accurate force calculations, and an understandable TBI presentation resulted in a compelling visual for plaintiff’s counsel to use to settle the case.

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It was important in this case to not only show the collision, but also how the force of the impact caused the seatback to fail. Our team worked alongside experts throughout the animation process to ensure that the force calculations were accurately portrayed.
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