16-Wheeler Collides with Truck Causing Vehicle to Veer Off Highway

Reconstruction Animation with Mechanism of Injury Aids in Case

A reconstruction animation was created when a man was hit by a trailer truck one summer morning. The Plaintiff's pickup truck was hit on the passenger side when a 16-wheeler swerved into his lane, pushing him off of the freeway. The man sustained multiple injuries including damage to his thoracic spine, neck pain, and a talar fracture with post-traumatic arthritis and ligamentous disruption.

Reconstruction Animation Depicts Severity of Collision and Injuries

DK Global pieced together the elements of the event in a demonstrative that showcased the collision from multiple perspectives. The animation begins with a preliminary aerial view of the location. The camera then follows the Plaintiff’s vehicle from behind as the big rig approaches the right side of the truck, hitting it off the road. A frontal view of the incident is then portrayed to highlight the force of the impact and the damages inflicted upon the car. The third replay depicts the motion of the Plaintiff’s body from the impact and the damages he sustained to his spine, feet, and neck. These viewpoints gave an all-encompassing perspective as to what occurred and how it affected the Plaintiff so traumatically.

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"Each person visualizes descriptions of events differently within their own mental imagery. This can often lead to complications in properly relaying the severity of an experience. That's why we create comprehensive animations that not only refine the jury's interpretation, but also encourages them to become connected to the scene and better understand the victim's circumstance."

Michael Caldwell, Founder & CEO

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