Banafsheh, Danesh & Javid Secures Favorable Settlement for Victims of Building Fire

Animation Explains How Carbon Monoxide Poisoning Results in Brain Injury

When a fire broke out on the 11th floor of a high-rise apartment building, many of its residents were unaware. Not only was the building not equipped with a fire sprinkler system, but several other fire safety procedures were ignored, including the failure to notify residents over the public-address system. Ultimately, the fire and smoke moved swiftly throughout the floors, leaving many residents unsure of what to do or where to go.

An elderly gentleman had attempted to flee through a stairwell with his young granddaughter but ran into a cloud of heavy smoke. Unable to see or breathe, since carbon monoxide poisoning had begun to set in, the family lost consciousness. Luckily, a neighbor was able to drag them to safety just in time. Firefighters eventually arrived on the scene and removed the residents from the building. During hospitalization, the young girl had to receive three treatments of hyperbaric oxygen after suffering carbon monoxide poisoning, smoke inhalation, hypoxia, and a resulting traumatic brain injury.

Reconstruction Animation reveals Carbon Monoxide damage

DK Global was requested by attorney Shawn McCann of Banafsheh, Danesh & Javid, PC, to create a reconstruction animation a model layout of the high-rise building and the rapid effects the fire had on preventing the residents’ escape. The primary visuals shown depicted the immense amount of safety protocols that were ignored, which had ultimately led to many residents’ inability to escape. DK Global additionally depicted what transpired in the blood system of the Plaintiff when carbon monoxide poisoning set in. With visuals in hand, attorney McCann successfully secured a favorable settlement for his client after the harrowing ordeal.

Attorney Shawn McCann is a partner at Banafsheh, Danesh & Javid, PC, a firm that focuses on catastrophic injury and wrongful death cases. Shawn’s dedication has led him to receive several awards and recognition for his client advocacy skills. Throughout his career, he has represented many injured people and has recovered over $225 million on behalf of his clients.


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"Adding a combination of animations to a case demonstrates to the viewer the many aspects making up that case an ultimately the events leading to the incident."

Michael Caldwell, Founder & CEO

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