Medical Malpractice Results in Heart Complications

Surgical Animation Demonstrates Complex Procedure to Jury

Attorney Sean Burke of the Law Offices of Sean M. Burke took on a medical malpractice case where his client had a heart surgery that went wrong. The patient underwent a cardiac ablation procedure to cure a cardiac arrhythmia. However, post-surgery the plaintiff developed an atrial-esophageal fistula after the performing physician unknowingly made a hole in the atrium near the esophagus. When the patient came back showing symptoms of the atrial-esophageal fistula, the doctor dismissed his concerns and sent the patient home without treatment.

Seeking Justice for Medical Malpractice Utilizing Effective Animations

To explain this internal issue to a jury, Attorney Burke worked with DK Global to recreate the surgery through animation for the jury. With operative reports in hand and experts working closely alongside the team, an animation was put together illustrating the procedure and the key error made by the physician. Most importantly, the animation demonstrated to viewers how close the atrium and esophagus are to each other, reinforcing the newly developed theory in medicine as to why an atrial-esophageal fistula is caused. Medical animations are impactful in communicating to the unexperienced jury an understanding between the medical experts on the case, simplifying complex procedures that surround these types of cases.


Sean Burke is a respected attorney practicing in Orange County, California for over 30 years. Sean's work has been published and utilized in the Litigation Section Bulletin of the California Bar Association, while also lecturing at numerous seminars on the topic of medical malpractice. Since 1990, Sean has obtained more than $120 million for his clients representing those who suffer from severe personal injuries and from medical malpractice. Mr. Burke has been named a Southern California Superlawyer by Los Angeles Magazine every year since it started in 2005.

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"The animation made it a lot easier to understand exactly what we were saying, exactly what the experts were describing."

Sean M. Burke - Law Offices of Sean M. Burke

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