Simon Law Attains Favorable Outcome in Hard-Fought Liability Case

Animation Depicts Brain Injury Due to 400lb Elevator Door Closing on Woman


Mrs. K returned from work one afternoon and entered the elevator of her apartment complex. When she had reached her floor and attempted to step out, the 400lb elevator shaft door malfunctioned and quickly closed on Mrs.K, colliding with her head resulting in a loss of consciousness. Mrs.K fell from the impact onto the floor, suffering a coup-contrecoup injury that left her with a traumatic brain injury and fractures along her spine. Initially, once Mrs.K was admitted into the emergency room with CT scans of her lumbar spine ordered, no fractures were evident until a second scan a month later. The MRI of her brain also showed no objective injuries leading to major obstacles within the case. Greyson Goody of The Simon Law Group carefully navigated these hurdles and worked with DK Global to utilize detailed visual presentations to portray the damages sustained and the invasive medical procedures needed to rehabilitate Mrs.K.

Clearing Obstacles with Visual Medical Exhibits


Greyson utilized three separate animations to depict the injuries Mrs.K had sustained and the procedures to rehabilitate her. The first presentation demonstrated the damage from the trauma to Mrs.K’s head including a coup-contrecoup injury, consistent headaches, and post-concussion syndrome. The animation then transitions to a visualization of Mrs.K’s cervical and lumbar spine, depicting the fractures and disc bulges at the C4-C6 levels.

The second and third animations depict the invasive procedures to correct these injuries including a cervical decompression and fusion at the C4-C5 and C5-C6 level, and a kyphoplasty procedure – a procedure in which cement is injected into a fractured vertebra to relieve back pain. The case settled favorably just a week before trial once the opposition was presented these irrefutable visual exhibits; an amount to financially secure Mrs.K and relieve her of her medical expenses.


Greyson Goody is an associate at The Simon Law Group. He became an attorney after watching his father, a federal public defender, try criminal cases in Wyoming. Mr. Goody was Managing Editor of the Thomas Jefferson Law Review and has obtained over $30M in jury verdicts in his 4.5 years as an attorney.


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"If you’re even thinking about working with DK Global, just do it because if you get these animations or illustrations it helps you connect with the jury. It helps you keep the jury active, they might not remember what you say on the stand but they remember things visually."

Greyson Goody - The Simon Law Group

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