Student Hit by Car and Propelled 60 Feet into Air

3D Animations Emphasize Key Details and Help Attain a $7 Million Settlement

Attorney Rickey Wallace of Canelo Wallace Padron & Mackie PC obtained justice for a 13-year-old boy who was struck by a vehicle while crossing the street. The plaintiff was within a crosswalk on his way to school during pre-dawn hours when the pedestrian flashing signs failed to function due to a defective solar panel. After being hit by the car, the plaintiff was propelled 60 feet in the air before landing on the sidewalk. The boy sustained numerous injuries; including right hemiparesis, multiple internal and external lacerations, anterior rib fractures, right upper lobe pulmonary contusion, and intracranial hypertension; leaving him with life-altering damages. The extent of the brain injury called for multiple procedures, including a craniotomy, which involved drilling into and removing a temporary portion of his skull.

Attorney Wallace went above and beyond for his client, contacting DK Global to request a full visual workup that included colorized brain scans and illustrated slices demonstrating where the hemorrhaging occurred in his brain due to impact. A medical animation of the necessary invasive craniectomy that the plaintiff underwent to treat the intracranial hypertension was also created. Lastly, a reconstructive animation depicted crucial details such as the defective solar crosswalk lights, a viewpoint from the negligent driver’s perspective, and other pertinent factors that aided in explaining the circumstances of the case.

With the aid of the animations, attorney Wallace was able to settle the case favorably for the policy limits of those responsible for the defective solar panel. Plus, with the negligent driver's policy, he was able to attain a total of $7,175,000 for his deserving client. Attorney Rickey Wallace is a partner of California based Canelo, Wallace, Padron & Mackie, PC. With over 31 years of experience, he has been recognized as a Martindale-Hubbell AV-rated attorney and “Super Lawyer.”

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"Injuries occur often, even in areas designted for student safety. Our visuals recreated the circumstances of the incident and reinforced how the careless mistakes of others can lead to extreme consequences for those around them."


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