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Ted B. Wacker Secures $1.5 Million Settlement
Surgical Animation Aids with Difficult Case involving Pre-existing Spine Injuries

Ted B. Wacker, a Southern California-based attorney, attained an impressive $1.5 million settlement on behalf of his deserving client who was involved in a disastrous vehicle collision. Following his involvement in a car crash, the man experienced severe injuries that caused him to require three intricate and lengthy surgical procedures. The victim hurriedly hired attorney Wacker to represent him as he sought to hold the person responsible for the collision as accountable for his costly medical expenses.

Upon learning the complexity of the surgical procedures, attorney Wacker asked DK Global to create an animation that would properly communicate the elevated language of the operative reports and offer an easily understandable visual representation of the complex nature of the operations performed.

DK Global’s production team read through operative reports with detail, did extensive anatomical research, and consulted medical experts as they recreated the three surgeries performed on the Plaintiff’s back and neck. The final rendering (see video) comprehensively demonstrated the discectomy, laminotomy, and hemivertebrectomy; including the drilling of bone matter, removal of tissues, and insertion of new hardware.

After viewing the animation DK Global created, the viewer appropriately processed the severity of the Plaintiff’s injuries and understood the lengthy process of recovery. This resulted in a substantial $1.5 million settlement on behalf of the Plaintiff.


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