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Vehicle Fails to Yield Resulting In Serious Injuries
3D Animations Prove the Severity of Collision and Subsequent Injuries

An $800,000 settlement has been reached on behalf of a woman who suffered serious injuries after another driver smashed into her vehicle. The Plaintiff was driving across an intersection when the Defendant failed to yield and instead, made a left turn directly in the path of the Plaintiff. The Defendant struck the front driver's side of the Plaintiff’s vehicle, causing multiple injuries to the Plaintiff, including a mild TBI. DK Global was contacted to produce a visual presentation that would not just recreate the collision, but would depict all of the injuries suffered as a result of the incident.

To capture the complete scope of the collision, DK Global's Sales & Production Liaison combed through all pertinent case material and drafted a comprehensive plan for the project. The animation explains how the collision happened and details the numerous injuries sustained by the Plaintiff, without being overwhelming. With the animation removing any ambiguity about the severity of the incident, the Plaintiff's attorney was able to reach a $800,000 settlement.

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