6-Year-Old Boy Falls Three Stories Out of Window
California Attorney Uses Visuals to Fight Negligent Hotel Establishment

DK Global’s team was brought in to aid in obtaining justice for a family whose vacation turned into a nightmare when their 6-year-old son fell out of a 3-story window. Attorney Brian Gonzalez of Law Offices of Brian Gonzalez requested a visual presentation that would piece together the hotel’s clear liability of the fall. The animation was a valuable tool that would keep his viewers informed and able to connect with the Plaintiff and his family.

The presentation started with photos of the hotel room, the window, and the concrete that the child landed on. A coup contra coup animation was then created to show the impact of the fall on the little boy’s brain and the deficits which occurred because of the incident. The lifelong damages sustained were explained thoroughly by Attorney Gonzalez with the help of his experts and DK Global’s visuals. Unfortunately, the 17-foot fall left the child with major brain damage, something that he will never recover from. 

The Law Offices of Brian Gonzalez is a Southern California-based firm that specializes in personal injury caused by negligence. The firm has been providing legal services for almost 30 years and is well-known throughout the region.

"DK Global did an outstanding job visually presenting two very difficult concepts: They created a clear picture of how the fall occurred, including the use of photographs with superimposed measurements to demonstrate why the Defendant was negligent; and they succeeded in visually portraying the mechanism of injury and the physical damage that resulted from it.  All of these concepts are extremely difficult to demonstrate without this type of visual display." - Brain Gonzalez

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