Animation Aids in Demonstrating Traumatic Brain Injury
Negligent Driver Hits Pedestrian Head-on Causing Severe Injuries

The dangers of the road not only affect drivers, but they are also a threat to pedestrians. In this case feature, the Plaintiff experienced these dangers first-hand. Even though the Plaintiff cautiously crossed the road in a dimly lit area, the 58-year-old victim was struck by a vehicle, forcefully knocking him to the ground. As the Plaintiff hit the ground, his head also slammed on to the asphalt. Multiple severe injuries were sustained by the Plaintiff, including injuries to his right leg. However, the repercussions of this collision went beyond the obvious orthopedic injuries; consisting of temporary loss of consciousness, partial loss of vision in the left eye, and a traumatic brain injury. The latter resulting in a lifelong cognitive disorder for the victim.

The family of the victim sought retribution for the damages with the help of attorneys Michael Killackey, Esq. and Ted Wacker, Esq. DK Global was entrusted with the responsibilities of creating an animation illustrating the event, and a presentation explaining the significant traumatic orthopedic and brain injuries. The 3D animation commissioned by the trial team recreated the event in detail using expert testimony, photographs, and witness accounts. Our team's visuals followed the real event concisely, using direct measurements of the car, expert calculations of the car’s speed at the time of the collision and the street's dim lighting. Next, the animation laid out the TBI presentation, which showed the location of injury within the brain and acted as an easy guide to follow for mediation and trial.

The attention to detail that our team places as a priority in our work is what makes our animations and illustrations an invaluable resource for personal injury cases of this magnitude. Attorneys with TBI related cases often use our presentations to simplify medical procedures and complicated imaging studies; transforming them into full-color comprehensive representations of the afflictions that frequently are overlooked. Our instruments of visual aid commonly act as the key to fortifying your arguments and achieving justice.

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