Vehicle Collision Causes Severe Brain Injuries
Victims Suffer Neurological Impairment

After two men sustained serious brain injuries from a vehicle collision, their attorney contacted DK Global for demonstrative aids to show the severity of the brain damage as well as the other bodily injuries the plaintiffs sustained. The attorney on the case faced the challenge of relaying complex medical information from MRIs and other medical imagery to a jury with limited medical knowledge. The resulting presentation was created to vividly show the numerous injuries to the brain including but not limited to bleeds and a midline shift, as well as several broken bones.

Medical illustration was used to emphasize the traumatic brain injuries and broken bones, while custom graphics and animation detailed how the victims’ neurological function was impacted.

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The victims in this case suffered serious brain injuries that will impact them for the rest of their lives. Our team faced the challenge of transforming complicated medical imagery into understandable graphics that could be relayed to a jury.
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