Construction Worker Crushed After Building Structure Collapses on Her
Attorney Uses 3D Reconstruction Animation of Building to Show Jury How It Collapsed

Following her involvement in a sudden and unforeseeable construction disaster, a demolition employee sought to hold the city responsible for building a structure that did not meet architectural codes. During construction, 5/8-inch joists were used instead of 1.5-inch embedded joists, and these were suspended by hangers instead of being attached directly to the studs. Consequently, the structure could not resist the tension applied by the construction crew. This resulted in a ceiling collapse that fell directly on the employee, causing her severe injury.

DK Global was asked by the employee’s attorney to recreate the sequence of events through the animation and application of special effects. The simulation was used by the representing attorney to convey to the viewer that had the joists which were suspended by unapproved hangers been attached according to code and directly to the vertical studs inside the walls, the Plaintiff’s injuries could have been prevented. Likewise, it proved that the city had built the structure in negligence as it did not meet established building codes.

The representing attorney presented the compelling visual aid, which assissted him in the acquisition of a notable settlement on behalf of the Plaintiff. Furthermore, it prompted the city to take special care to ensure that all established and proposed structures met required building codes, preventing the recurrence of such a tragic and unnecessary event.

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