Wheelchair-Bound Man Pursues Justice Against Insurance Company
3D Reconstructive Animation Assists Attorney in Successful Outcome

An individual's life was drastically changed following a traumatic motor vehicle collision that left him wheelchair-bound. After winning his initial case, this individual - the Plaintiff - moved forward picking up the pieces of his life. However, he soon realized that the real fight had just begun. 

The Plaintiff found himself struggling with his insurance company for home modifications that were necessary for his house to be wheelchair-accessible. While the Plaintiff’s home required major renovations to be accessible, his penny-pinching insurance company only offered to pay the bare minimum for slight adjustments. This is when attorneys Wayne Miller and Brooke Mathis of Michigan’s Miller & Tischler, P.C., stepped in to fight for their client’s right to have a fully accessible and safe home design.

Attorneys Miller and Mathis reached out to DK Global to illustrate the stark differences between the Plaintiff’s renovation plan and the insurance company’s proposal. DK Global’s 3D visuals brought to life the inadequacy of the insurance company’s plan, in a way that was clear for the arbitration panel to see. The animation walked the Arbitrators through how the Plaintiff would use, or be unable to use each plan and, how both plans affected the Plaintiff’s safety, comfort, and altogether wellbeing. DK Global’s animations helped Attorney Miller to secure over 90% of the money -twice the amount the insurance company offered to pay- required to construct the Plaintiff’s plan. Now the Plaintiff has the home modifications necessary for him to safely and efficiently use his home.

Miller & Tischler, P.C. specializes in cases involving catastrophic injury, including the rights of the injured, their families, and their professional service providers.

"The animation prepared by DK Global was instrumental in achieving an extremely satisfactory result (over 90% of the insurance claim that was subject to litigation). We also want to thank your team for its courtesy, attention to detail and follow up." Brooke Mathis

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