The Prestige Award recognizes an attorney whose achievements, talent, and resolve demand the utmost respect. Chandler Gregg of Strong-Garner-Bauer P.C secured a $16,000,000 settlement for Virginia, a mother who was t-boned in her family vehicle by a fully-loaded tractor-trailer. Virginia suffered life-changing damages, including a traumatic brain injury and fractures to nearly every rib in her body.

During discovery, Chandler obtained evidence proving the Defendant ran the red light. Additionally, Chandler thoroughly discussed Virginia’s medical records with her treating physicians. As a result, Chandler centered his strategy on conveying Virginia’s damages. He went to great lengths to communicate Virginia’s condition and the immense emotional distress the incident caused her family. He met with Virginia and her loved ones to learn how her brain injury caused her to need round-the-clock care from her husband and children.

Chandler retained a team of experts to evaluate Virginia, outline her future medical needs, and prepare her lifecare plan. As he prepared for trial, Chandler needed a visualization of all of Virginia’s injuries and his expert testimony so a potential jury could grasp the severity of her damages. Thus, he brought on DK Global to enhance his evidence into a 3D medical animation.

The animation began with a 3D model of Virginia’s likeness. Then, an internal view of her injuries was depicted alongside her medical imagery, revealing collapsed lungs and her staggering number of fractures. Metal rods, screws, and plates drilled into her ribs and spine, showing Virginia’s agonizing and invasive road to recovery. Finally, the findings from her DTI evaluation were displayed, highlighting her afflicted lobes from her traumatic brain injury alongside the corresponding cognitive deficits.

Two weeks before the trial, Chandler attended a mediation. He played the damages-overview animation for the opposing counsel and mediator to review. After visualizing the extent of Virginia’s injuries, the Defense agreed to settle the matter for $16,000,000.

For 19 years, Chandler Gregg of Strong-Garner-Bauer P.C has focused his practice on personal injury, products liability, wrongful death, and more. Listed as one of the “Top 100 Trial Lawyers” by The National Trial Lawyers, Chandler was recently named Springfield, Missouri’s “Lawyer of the Year” by Best Lawyers for his products liability specialization. Since 2013, he has been recognized as a “Super Lawyer.”

Although the facts and outcomes presented in this email are intended to be true and accurate, they represent the reporting of a unique matter and do not imply or guarantee any type of result or outcome for matters in which DK Global is involved.
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