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$10 Million-Dollar Settlement for Motorcycle Collision Case
Violent Collision Causes Catastrophic Life-Threatening Injuries

8 PM—A large commercial vehicle failed to yield to oncoming traffic causing a 29-year-old man to collide head-on into the passenger side of the large vehicle. Attorneys Robert Glassman and Rahul Ravipudi, of Panish Shea & Boyle LLP, were brought in as the representing attorneys for the Plaintiff and called for DK Global’s expertise to provide a visual depiction of the man’s traumatic injuries.

The presentation began with a 3D model of the Plaintiff and an establishing view of all the overall injuries sustained. A live photo was placed strategically alongside the animation to reinforce the accuracy of the injuries portrayed. The visual switched over to a 3D X-Ray view, pinpointing each painful fracture the collision caused. Our team then flew in hardware to show the surgical procedures which were needed to mend the broken pieces of bone.

Attorneys Glassman and Ravipudi were able to secure a $10 million-dollar settlement on behalf of his client, giving him the peace of mind needed to heal properly and move forward after the agonizing ordeal. Working closely with Panish Shea & Boyle for years now, our team is always thrilled to lend our visuals to a firm of attorneys with such extraordinary legal capabilities.

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