$8 Million-Dollar Verdict Obtained Against Suzuki
Damages Presentation Showcases Injuries Caused by Faulty Brakes

Attorney Gabe Houston of Houston Law of California and attorney Tom Feher of The Simon Law Group teamed up to represent a man who had just bought a new Suzuki motorcycle. Only 10 days after the purchase, the Plaintiff’s brakes failed, causing him to crash into a vehicle. This resulted in femur and patella fractures, among other injuries. Despite knowing the flaw with the manufacturing of their motorcycles, the large company continued to sell their bike for years. Attorney Feher reached out to DK Global to create a presentation which covered the Plaintiff's injuries and showcased the knee surgery he had to endure.

3D Animation use to illustrate the series of events that lead to the unfortunate outcome.

The animation begins with a 3D character model of the Plaintiff with what he was wearing the day of the incident. The camera then zooms into his leg as the clothing, muscle, and tissue became transparent. The gruesome femur injury is modeled in 3D, along with the comminuted patella fracture. The Lisfranc and tarsal navicular fractures are also depicted and modeled in 3D. Using the 3D character model, the corrective hardware then comes into place as the camera focuses on each site where surgical intervention and hardware was needed. Text and labels state the details of the surgery and label the necessary hardware and anatomy. The last part of the project is a 3D animation of a future total knee replacement done in full detail according to the operative report.

With our animated visuals in hand, the two attorneys were able to obtain an 8-million-dollar verdict on behalf of their client.

In 2018, Gabe Houston returned to solo practice to stay focused on helping injured victims of catastrophic personal injury, defective products, dangerous premises and airline injuries. Gabe is a long-time member of the Board of Directors of the Orange County Trial Lawyers Association (OCTLA) and was recently elected to the Executive Committee where he currently serves as Parliamentarian.

Tom Feher is one of The Simon Law Group’s first trial attorneys joining the firm in 2011. He has been the lead trial attorney for dozens of cases with the firm obtaining millions of dollars in verdicts and settlements. He has also assisted with nearly a hundred trials, taking key depositions of defendants and experts and preparing witnesses.


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