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21-Year-Old Crushed By Boxes Stacked Too High
Young Employee Sustains Life-Altering Injuries In Workplace Incident

San Antonio attorney, Craig White, successfully closed a suit on behalf of a young man severely injured after boxes that were stacked too high, collapsed on him while working. At the time of the incident, the Plaintiff was stationed on a scissor lift. The impact of the falling boxes caused the scissor lift to be knocked down and for him to be thrown to the ground. As a result of the incident, the Plaintiff suffered severe injuries to his body. In addition to enhancing poor-quality surveillance footage, Attorney White secured DK Global to produce realistic medical reconstruction animations of the injuries.

With such a wide range of injuries, both internal and external, the Visual Consultant and Creative Director on the case conferred over how best to detail the injuries. The team, in tandem with Attorney White, decided to create an animation featuring dynamic camera movement. The camera travels throughout the body to each of his fractures, as text and labeling ensure a full understanding of the injuries. Custom animations also depict the Plaintiff's TBIs. All of these elements created a sweeping visual aid that Attorney White was able to use in securing a confidential, but substantial, settlement.

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