Contested Liability Suit For Low Impact Collision

3D Animation Depicts Lumbar Spine Injuries

It is estimated that almost 400,000 motor vehicle crashes per year are caused by distracted driving – and when you consider that an average, mid-sized sedan weighs about 3,300 pounds, it’s not hard to understand how even a minor crash can result in serious injuries.

When a distracted driver struck the rear of the car in front of her, the impact of the crash jolted the Plaintiff’s car forward, causing significant damage to her lumbar spine. The injuries suffered by the Plaintiff required invasive surgery and eighteen months of recovery – but the Defendant refused to admit liability, claiming that the accident was minor and could not have caused such substantial injuries.

The Plaintiff’s attorney reached out to DK Global to create an animation to reconstruct the crash and explain the mechanism of injury in a manner that was clear and easy to understand. The animation also depicted the invasive surgical procedure that was necessary to correct the damage to the Plaintiff’s spine. Although the settlement was confidential, the animation produced by DK Global helped the Plaintiff’s attorney obtain justice and a favorable outcome for their client.

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"It can be difficult to convey how a low impact collision results in significant injuries. Mechanism of injury animations depict the injuries as they occur, and remove this barrier to fair compensation."

Michael Caldwell, President & CEO

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