Hydraulic Lift Fails & Crushes Mechanic
Man Suffers Severe Full-Body Injuries

Attorney Matthew B.F. Biren of the Biren Law Group represented a young man whose life was turned upside-down when a hydraulic jack failed to hold aloft a 17-ton motorhome under which he was working. The product failure crushed the man and caused life-altering injuries including a fractured pelvis, fractured ribs, disfigured genitals, urologic damage, incontinence, and sexual dysfunction. Biren called on DK Global to create a detailed presentation to show not only the immediate injury caused by the defective product, but also the damage that the victim will have to live with for the rest of his life.

Using medical reports & imagery as well as expert evaluations, the animation team produced a comprehensive presentation depicting what the plaintiff has endured as a result of the product’s defective design. The animation boasts anatomically correct representations of his acute injuries, as well as the resulting state of his body following multiple surgeries and corrective procedures. Due in part to the visuals provided by DK Global, Mr. Biren obtained a significant settlement for their client; a bittersweet victory that will only partially offset the devastating harm that will forever impact his life.

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The plaintiff in this case is lucky to be alive; however, he must now live with a host of debilitating challenges. We were able to assist his attorney visually display his case in a way that resulted in just compensation for a horrible, negligent accident.
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