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Motorcyclist Rear-Ended by Large SUV
Victim Suffers Right Open Fibular Fracture

Tibia and fibula fractures are among the most common orthopedic injuries caused by a variety of situations including sports and recreation accidents, as well as vehicle, motorcycle and workplace incidents. The team at DK Global continues to assist attorneys with detailed medical illustrations, which are corroborated by the patient’s actual radiology images and reports. Our production managers work with the appointed medical expert for review and approval of each illustration to ensure accuracy. Well-crafted illustrations have been a proven tool for legal professionals aiming to relay complex medical information in a straight-forward and undisputable manner.

The video shown is a sample illustration that combines medical imagery with modeled anatomy and hardware of a right open fibular fracture and right open reduction with internal fixation.

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We have produced a plethora of medical illustrations using the most advanced techniques to ensure our clients receive a polished and accurate presentation.
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