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$3 Million Settlement for Motorcyclist Hit in High Speed Collision
Negligence Leads to Amputation

Midwest attorney Michael Massucci, of Kelly Law Offices, took on a contested liability case in a conservative venue where he represented a motorcyclist who was struck by a vehicle. The incident caused damages beyond repair leading to the amputation of the man's leg.

Massucci reached out to DK Global for a presentation that accurately and vividly showed the surgeries his client underwent, as well as the dramatic impact his injuries have had on his life. The presentation also includes a short “A Day-in-the-Life” documentary, where the Plaintiff’s mother discusses how the incident has changed their lives, given their adult son now fully relies on his parents for all his needs. 

Visuals in hand, the attorney obtained a resolution without having to file suit. Attorney Massucci secured a $3,125,000 settlement for his client, the largest judgment for a below-the-knee amputation in DeKalb County, Illinois.

“DK Global’s video conveyed what our client had to go through like nothing I have used before.  The video definitely made an impact on everyone at the mediation and the defense team had to be thinking, ‘we don’t want a jury to see this.’  The result speaks to the impact DK Global had on settling this case.” - Michael Massucci, Esq.

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