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Woman Forcibly Falls Through Lounge Chair During Vacation
Settlement Reached for Sustained Hip and Pelvis Injuries

Attorney Joseph Wosick of YLaw, PC requested DK Global to produce a visual presentation portraying his client’s injuries from a fall at a New Mexico hotel. Unfortunately, the violent drop resulted in the progression of the woman’s existing scoliosis.

It began when the woman straddled her lounge chair as she held onto her iPad before sitting. Upon sitting down, the lounge chair broke through the middle and she impacted the floor. The fall led the woman to forcibly strike the concrete below and sustain several hip and pelvis damages. The presentation displays the extent of the injuries including a left anterosuperior labral tear and a right anterior superior acetabular labral tear. Additionally, the subsequent onset of scoliosis from the violent fall left the woman’s lower spine rotating from a mild 9 degrees to a shocking 30-degree alteration. Our animations were positively able to deliver an impact on the Defense and resulted in the case settling favorably.

Located in New Mexico, YLaw, PC is dedicated to providing their clients with individual attention and valuable legal representation. Attorney Wosick primarily focuses his practice on personal injury, products liability, commercial litigation, and premises liability matters. He has tried over 50 bench trials and more than 20 jury trials during his career.

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