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Police Officer Struck While Directing Traffic
Collision Causes Serious Knee and Shoulder Injuries

After a careless driver struck a police officer who was directing traffic, the impact from the collision projected the officer onto the hood of the car. Although x-rays directly after the incident showed no fractures, the Plaintiff developed significant knee and shoulder pain. MRIs showed that the Plaintiff suffered patellar tendon gouty infiltration and tendonitis in his rotator cuff along with a tear in his subscapularis. Consequently, the Plaintiff had to undergo two extensive surgeries to repair the damage done to his knee and shoulder.

The Plaintiff's attorney contacted DK Global to detail the procedures required, as well as the future anticipated surgery. DK Global assembled two medical reconstruction animations to detail each of the Plaintiff's surgical procedures. In addition, the animation shows how the Plaintiff has lost most of the range of motion in his right shoulder as a result of the incident. The animation clearly communicated to the Defense that the actions of the driver resulted in substantial injuries for the Plaintiff and that those injuries will continue to impact his life.

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