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Timothy Osborn Fights & Wins For Teacher Severely Injured in Head-On Collision
$5,250,000 Settlement Reached Against Major Oil Company

A commercial driver crossed the dividing line of a highway resulting in a head-on collision that caused traumatic and life-changing injuries to a Southern California elementary school teacher. Attorney Timothy Osborn fought for justice on behalf of his client, and with the help of DK Global’s visuals, was able to secure a settlement of $5.25 million. The Defendant in question was a driver for a major oil company represented by one of the country’s top Defense law firms, making this a hard-fought case and a defining moment for the solo attorney.

The victim sustained serious cervical neck injuries, multiple fractures to her leg, a fracture to her ulna, and a TBI caused by a coup-contrecoup. After heading to mediation and being denied a settlement, attorney Osborn commissioned DK Global to create an animation and a few superimposed medical illustrations to help further convince the Defending jury of the Plaintiff's case. The x-ray images were labeled, colorized, and placed in a presentation format for the doctor to use during the trial as a visual guide for the jury. A stock animation was used to clarify what a coup-contrecoup was, the cause, and its significant effects. Armed with these demonstrative aids, attorney Osborn attempted mediation once again. This time around, he walked away with a multimillion-dollar settlement for his client.

DK Global’s work ranges from intricate and detailed 3D animations to concise illustrations and colorized x-ray enhancements that explain even the most complex information in a matter of minutes. We pride ourselves on creating graphics that are versatile, comprehensive, and most importantly, an effective aid to your litigation.

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