Ignoring Safety Standards Causes Severe Injury To A Woman
3D Animation Proved to Jury It Was Preventable

Safety Regulations are applicable to innumerable settings, both complex and minimalistic, but when even the most basic of safety standards are not met severe consequences can result. This was precisely the case when a woman who stumbled on a gymnastics mat caused severe injury to her ankle, tibia, and fibula.

The negligent party had ignored basic safety rules associated with the use of their gymnastics mats, including the way they must always be placed on a smooth, flat surface. Alternatively, the studio had placed the mat in an unsupported area of a springboard, causing the Plaintiff to misstep and slip when walking across the padded floor.

The fall caused her tibia and fibula to become displaced inferiorly, and caused a bimalleolar ankle fracture. This required an invasive surgery that involved an open reduction and internal fixation of lateral and medial malleoli to repair. Likewise, the segmental distal fibula fracture had to be cleaned, required the insertion of two screws, and affixation of a metal plate with six screws. Finally, the medial malleolar fracture was cleaned, reduced, and required the insertion of two screws for support.

DK Global used relevant operative reports and detailed X-ray imagery to recreate both the incident, injuries, and procedures performed. The animation culminated with the Plaintiff’s detailed x-ray which offered a gruesome view of the injuries and what was needed to repair them.

The clearly labeled anatomical and skeletal structures, paired with accurate and easily understandable animations allowed the viewer to comprehend the extent of the injuries and how they could have been easily prevented had the facility been vigilant in ensuring their equipment met safety standards. The financial figure attained by the representing attorney allowed the Plaintiff the ability to take her time while recovering and offered her the financial stability needed to pay for her accrued medical expenses.

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