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$20 Million Settlement from $500K Offer for CRPS Diagnosis

When a careless driver made an illegal left turn, they struck a 41-year-old man who was walking lawfully across the intersection. The Plaintiff, a full-time chef, was on his way to the grocery store when the Defendant struck him on the left side with their vehicle. The Plaintiff suffered a meniscal tear to his left knee and a traumatic brain injury when he fell to the ground; and, although a meniscal tear is considered a minor injury by most insurance companies, this particular injury developed into a painful and debilitating disorder called Complex Regional Pain Syndrome (CRPS). 

CRPS is an incurable condition dubbed the “suicide disease,” because it causes a body’s pain receptors to constantly deliver disproportionate pain messages to the brain – without stimuli. The insurance carrier disputed the Plaintiff’s injuries and argued that his meniscal tear was pre-existing, that there was no evidence of a traumatic brain injury, and that the case should be valued at an underwhelming $100,000. After the final demand letter expired, Danielle Lincors and Arash Homampour of The Homampour Law Firm were referred to help the Plaintiff, and to assert that their client’s lifelong and debilitating disorder accounted for damages much larger than the $1.5 Million policy limit.

Knowing that they needed a way to explain their client’s complex injuries and the invasive surgical efforts taken to reduce his pain, Danielle and Arash brought together their retained experts and the team at DK Global to create a 3D animation that would do just that. The animation defined CRPS and showed how the Plaintiff’s nervous system creates pain impulses from his left leg as a result of the accident. The animation also shows how, in an attempt to alleviate his symptoms, the Plaintiff endured a surgery where a spinal cord stimulator was placed along his spine to counter his body’s painful nerve impulses. Unfortunately, the treatment was unsuccessful, and the Plaintiff continues to need alternative methods to alleviate his constant pain.

With patience, resolve, and an irrefutable presentation, Danielle and Arash declined the Defense’s offers of $500K, $1.5 Million, and $5 Million, and agreed to settle the case for $20 Million on the eve of trial.

Attorney Arash Homampour was named one of the top 30 Plaintiff attorneys in California by the Los Angeles Daily Journal. He was also named one of the top 100 Southern California Super Lawyers for the 7th year in a row in 2018. As a successful trial attorney, he has achieved remarkable results totaling over half a billion dollars against countless private and public entities on behalf of his deserving clients

CAALA member Danielle Lincors represents survivors of catastrophic injuries with her knowledge and experience gained as a former insurance defense attorney who served as general counsel to large corporations. Danielle’s areas of practices include wrongful death matters, products liability, premises liability, and a specialty in personal injury cases involving transportation and motor vehicles.


"DK Global’s animation portraying the cause and effect of the Plaintiff’s Complex Regional Pain Syndrome clearly illustrated the significance of his injuries, which contributed to a $20 Million settlement the day before trial."
Danielle Lincors - The Homampour Law Firm
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