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$8M Settlement Secured Before Trial Using 3D Animation

Tragedy can strike when we least expect it, but it remains particularly prevalent when drivers commute with reckless abandon. When one such negligent driver lost control of his vehicle after hitting a bump at a high rate of speed, he collided into the back of John Doe's SUV, which was lawfully parked on the side of the road. John had simply been enjoying a quick lunch before heading to a side job, but he ended up suffering catastrophic injuries due to the Defendant’s reckless driving, including a parietal skull fracture, a scalp hematoma, fractures along his spine and ribs, and a collapsed lung.

Shortly after the accident, David M. Blain of The Law Offices of Ted B. Wacker was referred to help John strategize an offensive plan of action to seek compensation for his massive damages. David assembled a team of nearly a dozen medical experts, ranging from neuropsychologists to pulmonologists, to assess and quantify John’s injuries.

Amazingly, despite the multitude of wounds blanketing his body, John made a speedy recovery, and was able to leave the hospital only two weeks after the accident. However, he was plagued by the residual — and invisible — effects of his traumatic brain injury.

The Defense mounted an argument that diminished the extent of John’s injuries, and thus minimized his damages. To refute the Defense’s undermining of John’s suffering, David looked to DK Global to create a presentation that communicated the permanent and adverse effects John’s trauma will have on his quality of life.

The DK Global presentation began with a photo of John, unconscious in his crumpled car just moments after the incident. A 3D model of John was then brought into view while the camera panned head-to-toe, portraying John’s internal injuries. John’s emergency laminectomies were then shown, demonstrating the removal of portions of his vertebrae to allow his spinal cord to swell without impedance. Finally, a representation of John’s brain was depicted, highlighting his traumatic brain injury and the associated physical and mental deficits.

After presenting the visuals in mediation, David Blain was able to persuade the Defense to settle the case for $8 million – only two days before trial.

David M. Blain of the Law Offices of Ted B. Wacker has been representing plaintiffs in personal injury actions for 10 years, including claims for product liability, assault and battery, and government tort liability. David strives to serve his clients and help them put their lives back together after suffering through a traumatic injury. Notably, David has represented plaintiffs in numerous class-action lawsuits, including the YAZ/Yasmin/Ocella litigation against the drug manufacturer, Bayer, resulting in several multi-million-dollar settlements.

"I've worked with DK Global on a handful of cases now and they've been great - and I am going to continue to work with them!"
David M. Blain - The Law Offices of Ted B. Wacker
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