Settlement Secured For A 16-Year Old Boy
A Spinal Injury Required This Surgical Animation

Following his involvement in an automobile accident, a 16-year-old boy suffered severe damage to his spinal column that left him in extreme pain. Though young, he was faced with the difficult decision of either suffering through daily agony or enduring a grueling and invasive discectomy.

Upon determining that surgery was the best option for his continued quality of life, the young man sought representation from a qualified attorney to achieve monetary compensation from the responsible party for the costly procedure. The representing attorney knew that if a substantial figure was to be attained, the procedure would have to be communicated in an easily understandable manner.

DK Global quickly created a custom animation that related the aggressive procedure performed on the Plaintiff using 3D elements and realistic anatomical structures. The animation commences with the Plaintiff laying in the supine position on an operating table, covered in preparation for the forthcoming surgery. As the Plaintiff’s skin and muscle fade to illustrate the skeletal structure beneath, the camera focuses on the L5-S1 vertebrae. 3D surgical instruments are animated performing the discectomy, inserting the 8mm cage, and fixating the rods and screws into the lumbar region.

As the surgical animation concludes, it is clear that the operation was taxing on the small frame of the young man, and effectively communicated to the viewer the extent of the damages sustained in the car collision.

This led to a significant amount being secured on behalf of the Plaintiff, providing him with monetary compensation that would alleviate him, and his family, of concerns associated with repaying the cost of the surgery.

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