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Plaintiff Sustains Clavicle Fracture in Auto Collision
Representing Attorney Utilizes 3D Surgical Animation to Demonstrate Procedure

An auto collision causes a man to undergo a much-needed shoulder surgery to reconstruct the clavicle that was fractured as a result of the accident. Attorney Tal Rubin of the Law Offices of Tal Rubin reached out to DK Global to illustrate the resulting corrective surgeries that his Plaintiff underwent. Our team produced a 2D animation with 3D components of the initial surgery and illustrations of the removal of the hardware, as well as a proposed neuroma surgery that aided in the resulting settlement.

The primary visual carefully depicted a summary of the surgical procedure performed on the Plaintiff after the incident. Taking each step of the surgery into consideration, the visuals walked the viewer through the incision made in the proximal and distal aspects of the fractured clavicle. The animation then illustrates the irrigation of the fracture, the placement of screws, and the clavicle plate fixation. This allowed for the focused precision that the expert and the attorney needed to describe the complexity of the procedure. Still illustrations of the hardware being removed and the future proposed neuroma surgery were also created to provide the viewer with the knowledge of the victim’s painful and costly future medical needs.

DK Global had the pleasure of working alongside attorney Tal Rubin to obtain a favorable jury verdict in this case. Attorney Rubin has litigated hundreds of cases, obtaining million-dollar verdicts and settlements. Our team was happy to assist in this case and look forward to working together again in the future.  

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