Confidential Settlement Awarded in Hard Fought Medical Malpractice Case

Physician Drowns 58-Year-Old Man Admitted Due to Shingles

Attorney Matthew Breining of Cutter Law expertly settled a medical malpractice case in which his client essentially drowned under the care of his physician. Already in renal failure, the 58-year-old man was admitted to the hospital due to shingles. During his stay, he was administered saline liquids that he was unable to release naturally. The liquids rapidly accumulated in his lungs as time passed and led to cardiopulmonary arrest. Mr. Breining utilized DK Global’s visual expertise to show what happened in the man’s body and how the excess liquids administered ultimately led to his tragic death.

Illuminating Inperceptible Drowning With 3D Animation

The animated visual portrays what had transpired by visually representing the progression of liquids in the plaintiff's lungs and the resulting cardiopulmonary edema. A special element to the video was the 2-liter bottle graphics, representing the saline amount administered during his hospital stay. This visual representation of the amount of liquid administered was an effective way to illustrate the excess.


Attorney Matthew Breining, one of our Golden Advocate Award Winners, primarily practices personal injury, class action, and insurance bad faith cases. He is a firm believer that every client has a story and that his job is to present these stories compellingly. The lawyers at Cutter Law work diligently to achieve the best results for every single one of their clients. They are leaders in the legal field, setting the pace for skilled and knowledgeable representation.

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"Our animations seamlessly build a comprehensive bridge between the complicated details and the results of the incident."

Michael Caldwell, Founder & CEO

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