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Attorney Secures Favorable Settlement for Client with Fractured Humerus
3D Animation Helps Convey Invasive Surgery

A woman suffered a fractured humerus due to a motor vehicle collision. In order to obtain just compensation and much-needed legal help, she contacted attorney Greg Rozas, of Rozas & Rozas. DK Global was brought in to produce two visual presentations for attorney Rozas regarding the injury his client had sustained and the resulting surgeries to correct it.

An X-ray image from both pre and post-surgery were incorporated into the animation to provide authenticity for the visuals. The animation showed how a 3D scalpel made an incision over the superior aspect of the rotator cuff, over the greater tuberosity. The fracture was then reduced and the guidewire was advanced across the fracture and seated distally. An 8.5mm end-cutting reamer was then utilized to ream down the shaft of the humerus. A 7mm x 22mm humeral nail was seated over the guidewire and across the fracture and seated distally. Finally, a locking screw was placed proximally on the rotator cuff.

Attorney Rozas played the videos during a settlement mediation and despite having statutory limits on the case, the matter was settled favorably for the plaintiff. Louisiana-based Law Offices of Rozas & Rozas, established in 2004, is devoted to helping victims of personal injury incidents receive proper treatment for their injuries and compensation for their trauma.

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